Michigan state employees are working hard for you.
We are on the job every day providing vital services to Michigan residents. From making sure the water is safe to drink, placing foster children in good homes and guarding our prisons, to keeping our roads and bridges repaired, inspecting school buses and fighting forest fires, we are there for you.

We’re taxpayers, too.
State employees want a government that works efficiently and cost-effectively just like you do. Because we’re on the frontlines at the agencies you rely on, we know what’s working – and what’s not. And we have great ideas for streamlining services and cutting costs.

The governor just isn’t listening.
In 2011 we submitted to Gov. Snyder a detailed report on areas where the state is wasting our tax dollars through inefficient operations, and we suggested ways to improve services and cut costs. Gov. Snyder said he wanted to work with us to make Michigan government more effective and efficient, but instead of demonstrating real leadership, he’s only given lip service.

But we’re not giving up!
Earlier this year we took another look at inefficient and costly government operations. Our findings might surprise you. Whether it’s outsourcing government services to private, for-profit contractors, hiring too many managers and too few frontline workers, or paying excessive bank fees other states don’t pay, the state’s refusal to listen to workers is costing taxpayers much more money than it needs to.

This website examines some of the areas where waste exists in Michigan’s government. We invite you to read on and let us know what you think.