State government has more managers than two years ago

Michigan taxpayers deserve high-quality services at reasonable costs, but instead they’re paying for a ballooning bureaucracy with little to show for it.

In 2011, researchers for the Coalition of State Employee Unions found that across state government agencies, there was an average of 5.87 workers for every one manager. That means managers are supervising fewer than six workers each.

Unfortunately, the imbalance has gotten even worse in the last two years. Between 2011 and 2013, the number of frontline workers increased by only 0.3 percent, while the number of managers hired went up by more than 6 percent!

“The governor’s got this program called ‘Bureaucracy Busters,’ which is basically an online suggestion box,” said Amanda Stathakis, a state disability examiner and member of UAW Local 6000. “If he really wants to reduce bureaucracy and make government more efficient, he can start by reducing the number of middle managers and supervisors he’s hired.”

“The people of our state count on frontline workers – not bureaucrats sitting behind desks – to deliver the services they rely on,” said Dan Matthies, a member of the Michigan State Employee Association who works at the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. “Gov. Snyder needs to listen to the people who help it run day-in and day-out.”

So with all his talk about “good government,” why is the governor hiring so many managers? That’s what your state employees would like to know. Wouldn’t you?

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