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State government has more managers than two years ago

Michigan taxpayers deserve high-quality services at reasonable costs, but instead they’re paying for a ballooning bureaucracy with little to show for it. In 2011, researchers for the Coalition of State Employee Unions found that across state government agencies, there was an average of 5.87 workers for every one manager. That means managers are supervising fewer […]

If you want to save taxpayers money, listen to frontline workers

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” -Henry Ford When state employees and managers at two Department of Human Services (DHS) offices came together in 2011 great things happened. By working together the team was able to reduce the typical three-hour application process time to just 30 minutes. The […]

Report: Pure Michigan Waste

Our goal is to strengthen the state of Michigan and its communities by providing a sustainable network of efficient and high quality public services. In the Pure Michigan Waste report we recommended: Prioritizing frontline service delivery by reducing middle management Pursing better value from contractors and consultants Improving customer service through collaboration between management and […]