We're working for Michigan so that Michigan's government works for Michiganders.

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How is government policy affecting hard-working Michiganders? Check out our blog and share your insight.

  • Report: Pure Michigan Waste

    Our goal is to strengthen the state of Michigan and its communities by providing a sustainable network of efficient and high quality public services. In the Pure Michigan Waste report we recommended: Prioritizing frontline service delivery by reducing middle management Pursing better value from contractors and consultants Improving customer service through collaboration between management and […]

  • Outsourcing: A Look Back

    A sea change is happening in America when it comes to outsourcing public services to private entities. Sixteen states have now introduced legislation that would keep taxpayers in control of their services by increasing transparency and accountability. This is a big deal. And as In the Public Interest take on a classic Facebook video shows, […]

  • The real cost of outsourcing public services

    A new report details the real costs of outsourcing public services: The call for outsourcing or contracting out of government services is often made through an appeal of cost savings to taxpayers. Since the Great Recession, state and local governments facing budget challenges are increasingly shifting the delivery of public services – from school bus […]

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We're working to make Michigan's government more effective and efficient for hard-working Michiganders. Here are some of the ways we can do that.

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Working for Michigan provides a strong credible voice for Michigan's workers and helps build grassroots support for working families.

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    The Coalition of State Employee Unions (CSEU) represents 35,000 state of Michigan workers who are on the front lines when it comes to providing services to Michiganders.

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    We’re working every single day to provide quality services to the state’s citizens while pushing to save taxpayer dollars.

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